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Fruit & Vegetable Protein Powder 
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Ingredients:VG Powder Powder VG Powder

Product Brief: The product can provide high quality protein minerals and vitamins, it will improve immunity, supply the nutrients in the body, and help to manage is called complete super food which is bioavailable, absorbable and concentrated.

VG Powder boosts the immune system due to its organic rich vitamin fuel and complete super food base.
After years of research and development, we have produced the most bioavailable, absorbable and concentrated Super Food on the planet.
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1) Supports the body's natural resistance to stress and helps promote relaxation
2) Act as inhibitors of inflammatory mediators, both down-regulating allergic responses and improves overall cardiovascular health
3) Improves heart health, slows aging and reduces aging diseases, along with improving energy and blood circulation
4) Increases calcium and magnesium absorption, while promoting the healthy growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria
5) It is a soluble fiber that can improve bowel health, blood sugar and lipid levels, and other health conditions
6) Aids in weight control and general intestinal health, improves digestion and cleanses the system, making it an excellent choice for healthy dieting

7) Improves skin care, skin color, mineral absorption, helps treat throat infections, and assists in kidney health and function

8) Rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, highly nutritious and rich in antioxidants

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